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"Our mission is to change the landscape of Substance Abuse testing,
by merging science and social responsibility."

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Drug & Alcohol Testing and Collection

Laboratory-Based Drug and Alcohol Testing

Point of Collection Testing

On-Site Drug Testing (Instant Results)

On-Site Alcohol Testing (Instant Results)

In addition to these services we also offer:

  • SAMHSA-certified laboratories, enormous testing capacity with full redundancy
  • Integrated MRO services
  • Multiple result reporting options

gLab test results

Express Results -

Oral Swab

On-site, self-collection, oral specimen-testing device that provides easy-to-read results within 15 minutes.

Rapid Drug Screen-

Instant (on-site) urine drug-testing can be conducted for up to 10 substances at once.

Instant Alcohol Saliva Test -

Non-invasive testing method is a proven alternative to blood testing and is backed by clinical lab accuracy.