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Drug Information > MDMA (Ecstasy)

Drug Appearance:

White odorless crystalline powder, tablets in various colors and stamped with various patterns

Street Name(s):

Ecstasy  Adam  XTC
X  Hug drug  E  Rolls
Beans  Love drug

Signs of Use:

Euphoria, empathetic and unusually warm towards people, touch, sight, and senses often heightened

Other Physical Symptoms

Jaw and teeth clenching/muscle tension dehydration, chills and/or sweating, nausea, blurred vision, faintness, dizziness, confusion, insomnia, and paranoia.


Tachycardia, hypertension, hyperthermia, mydriasis, diaphoresis, stimulant, entactogenic effects, visual hallucinations


Street Name Substance DEA Schedule*
Ecstasy 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine I

Further Information

MDMA abuse and the trafficking of MDMA is on the rise, posing serious social concerns. Once confined to major metropolitan areas, MDMA trafficking has now expanded to smaller communities. Teenagers and young adults continue to be the primary targets of sophisticated crime syndicates who are supplying distribution groups with ever-increasing amounts of MDMA tablets. As the trend to consume MDMA in tandem with alcohol and other drugs continues, the harmful effects of the drug will increase exponentially.

MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine), also referred to as Ecstasy, XTC, Adam, and Essence, is a illegally manufactured variation of mescaline and amphetamine. It is considered a designer drug---a substance on the drug market that is a chemical analogue or variation of another psychoactive drug.

MDMA is marketed as a feel good drug. Devotees say it produces profoundly positive feelings, empathy for others, elimination of anxiety, and extreme relaxation--hence the nickname "hug drug," or "love drug." MDMA is also said to suppress the need to eat, drink, or sleep, enabling club scene users to endure all-night and sometimes two, or three-day parties.

MDMA is taken orally, usually in tablet or capsule form. MDMA tablets are often "stamped" with icons or logos intended to appeal to a young audience. Its effects last approximately four to six hours.


Substance: Urine Hair Saliva
MDMA 2 to 4 days up to 90 days 24 to 36 hours

    *Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Schedule I and II drugs have a high potential for abuse. They require greater storage security and have a quota on manufacture among other restrictions. Schedule I drugs are available for research only and have no approved medical use. Schedule II drugs are available only through prescription, cannot have refills and require a form for ordering. Schedule III and IV drugs are available with prescription, may have 5 refills in 6 months and may be ordered orally. Most Schedule V drugs are available over the counter.